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Welcome again to OriginTrail!

What you see here is a Wiki. Basically, we've set up an atmosphere of collaboration and (mostly) untethered information-posting on the topic of origology. The following will help you join the fun.

1. Register

(*Note: Registration is required for select operations, but posting can be done anonymously. However, your IP address will be logged in the page history if you post anonymously.)

  • Click "create an account or log in" on the top of the page.
  • Pick a username and password, and (please) enter your valid email address.
  • Click "Create new account", and you're ready to browse or contribute!

2. Posting

NOTE: The Wiki we use is called MediaWiki. When you are editing a page, there is an image bar at the top that can be referenced for Wiki syntax:

  • Word and phrase origins are grouped by Categories. Start here to view existing origins and to get an idea of how the postings work.
  • Take a look at our New Entries page for a list of entries others have submitted without known origins. This is also the page where you can add new entries for which you know, or would like to know, the origin.
  • If you see a blue hyperlink (underlined word or phrase) on a page, there exists an entry with that name. Click on the link to view the entry.
  • If you see a red hyperlink on a page, someone has suggested the word or phrase to be created as an entry. Click on the link to create this entry.
  • Once you arrive at an entry's page, click "edit" at the top to edit that page. Again, reference the image bar above the edit box for syntax help.
  • If you want to see how your modifications will look, you can click the "Show preview" button. If you don't like what you've entered, or if you decide not to create or modify the entry at all, you can click "Cancel".
  • Please be sure to Categorize you entry by placing a line similar to: [[Category:Word Origins]] or [[Category:Pet Peeves]] at the end of your submission. This will either add your entry to an existing category or will create a new category.
  • Once you are satisfied with your modifications, click "Save page", and the new entry will be displayed. If you have decided to suggest a new entry by placing a word/phrase within double brackets: (e.g. [[New word]] ), you can now click the red link now to create the entry.
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