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OK, OK, you Wiki purists out there are going to complain that we have a "Rules" section, but we'll try to keep it reasonable.

  1. There are certain pages that will remain locked for editing. This is mainly to be sure that pages like Introduction and Purpose don't get screwed up.
  2. We're going to keep this site family friendly. If the administrator of the site deems any images, files, or postings offensive, they will be removed. If you decide you want to push the limits, your account will be disabled. Really.
  3. If you exactly quote an origin from another source, please cite the source to give due credit.
  4. If you add a new entry or entry suggestion, please categorize the entry appropriately (at the very least, please add it to the New Entries page). Basically, this saves the site administrator time, and your entry will have maximum visibility.
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